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Energy and You

Or, You, as Energy?


If you wish to understand the Secrets of the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency & Vibration.  Nikola Tesla

Without quantum physics, string theory could not exist, and quantum theory allows objects to act as both particles and waves.  (when you react to something, say something in anger, it sends it to the where the particles react and hence comes back to us)  The experiment that proved that light acts like a wave was the double slit experiment.  An Electron is a tiny bit of Matter, and and when shot thru a 'slit', the electron (matter) creates an interference pattern (Like a WAVE).  This single electron leaves as a Particle, becomes a Wave of Potentials ~ however, when this process was Measured & OBSERVED, it changed and there were NO interference patterns.  

Therefore, the VERY act of Measuring, or Observing, the Electron decided to act differently as though it was aware it was being WATCHED!   With this discovery, is where Matrix Energetix and QE started their journey teaching others how to self-heal, and heal others.

See the discovery simplified in a Quantum animation,

by clicking here:    DOUBLE-SLIT THEORY


Everything in existence is ENERGY and the Result of a Frequency.  The Energy that manifests itself obeys the precise Universal Laws...



~Carl Gustav Jung


Enjoy your Time on the Internet & this web site while receiving some great relaxation Vibrations from the Tibetan Singing Bowels in the background ~ as we are aware, Emoto has shown us that the trillions of cells in our body react to SOUND waves, and that classical music and other Healing Sounds can calm the mind and Spirit allowing us to be in the PRESENT, and remove unnecessary CHATTER from our mind....bringing healthy Vibrations at a Cellular level! Enjoy, while your Journey as it evolves ~

Click here: 


How To Train The Mind To Attract What You Desire?

Click here>   "Imprinting"

What is this Mysterious & Magical 'Energy' that we hear of with Natural Healers, and the energy balls we imagined and played with as children?


In the Marshal Arts it may be called "Ki", and in many forms of 'hands' on Healing techniques it may be termed as Life Force!


And, so, what is Eloptic Energy?  

As Termed by Hieronymus, there is some fantastic information at the VIDEO here:  HIERONYMUS


And, Who is Wilhelm Reich?  A pioneer of the Orgon Energy?  See an wonderful documentary on the story of Reich, here> WILHELM REICH,

and an informative VIDEO at the 2012 Conference in Holland, here> 2012


Nicola Tesla, an absolute genius and History has over-looked this remarkable Man !!!  Electricity, Wireless Communications, Remote Control to Neon and Florescent  LED Lighting, X-Ray, etc etc - a GREAT documentary is here> TESLA 


Royal Raymond Rife, another Genius of many discoveries; a Great Pathologist, and, created a means to eradicate pathogens, by way of Frequencies (HZ)  - another fantastic video on Technologies that have been left in the past- see VIDEO here> RIFE


And, not to forget Dr. Max Gerson, a man with a vision in Healing Cancer - back in the 1920's his Journey began, and his research and work has continued throughout the World today by Charlotte Gerson; visit a couple great Videos regarding the history of Dr. Gerson and his therapies:



Yoga at Home




When Quantum theory and the Field of Consciousness

is way too much information to comprehend 

All we really need to do, is hold the INTENT, then silence our thoughts, Observe,

Feel, and let it be....

Do we live in an Observer Created Reality

(Illusion, Matrix, Simulations, or Hologram)?  

There are some great YouTube Videos that easily explain the great discovery earlier in the 2000's that bring Quantum mechanics into our Reality! 

Visit an Educational & funYouTube Video Channel

 by clicking here >  REALITY




Quantum Entrainment

Have you been meditating for years, and haven't yet reached the place where everything is in the Present without the chatter in the Mind, a Peace and Calmness whereas Awareness is amplified in Bliss, and all things you need become manifested from there?

Dj ~ Certification Dr. Kinslow's 'Basic and Advanced' Q.E.

I found this technique to be one of the most simplistic ways to reach what some typically spend a life-time seeking within Meditation.  And, one of the most rewarding parts of learning how to receive the benefits of QE, is that I don't have to be in a closed eye Meditation ~ and, can benefit myself and others during work or play -

Another rewarding feature of QE, is that we can connect to others no matter where they are. QE Groups are available, also, including private sessions.  No matter your condition, your pain, your needs, it's a session similar to REIKI that can assist in delivering wonderful changes in your life.












Connect with me ~  Remote sessions are available.

In a world where there seems to be such a split between spirituality and science, great Minds say that these are just different terms for the same thing. Universal energy fuels our Great Universe and Tesla says, some people call this God, others call it Universal Energy, Mother Mature, Spirit, or just the laws of physics.

Tesla showed us that we don’t have to choose between being rational believers in science or spiritual believers in the divine – they are one and the same.

You Decide.  Because either way, the Conscious Mind / Energy play a large part in how we can Manifest beautiful things into our Life, and create Miracles!



Yoga Session
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