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When looking back at things we didn't know, less than 20 years ago since before the 'Internet', we are now becoming Blessed with Awareness. I am happy to be alive in the ERA of the World Wide Web so to expand my mind, create Awareness for myself and others, gain Wisdom, and become educated of things that directly affect my health inwhich I can learn to easily avoid.... and, sometimes it's the simple changes in ones life that can make the BIGGEST difference.


WHERE IS YOUR BED LOCATED?  When friends would call me and say they have a health issue, especially something serious, the first thing I start asking is where is your bed?  Is it against a wall, and if so, the Dirty Electricity from the wall and any electrical outlets, affects not only our sleep however, also has been shown that it's not conducive to good health, and can possibly be more dangerous to our well being than cellular phones, WiFi, Router Boxes, Lap Tops and Desk Tops, Digital RF Meters, and other EMF/RF's in our home.












The one way to avoid the Dirty Electricity in the walls of our home (wiring), which in older homes may not even be grounded properly, etc, is certainly by moving your bed to the center of the room away from the walls, and/or at least 2-3' from the walls.  If you are unable to move your bed away from the walls of your bed-room, the next best action of defense is to find the breaker on your electrical box that shuts down that room, and prior to bed, shut that breaker off during sleep.  Most likely your bedroom is away from the kitchen area and shutting off the one breaker to your bedroom will not effect your refrigerator, or anything else that 'need's to stay running. 

The next item that can be a benefit, is to not have anything plugged into any Electrical outlets in the room you sleep, especially cellular phones, computers and/or digital clocks, as these can all effect our sleep habits, and quality of life.  


Today the buzz on the internet is that 'sleep' deprivation contributes majorly to ill health. It's been said that the trillion of cells in our body is able to regenerate and rebuild while in deep sleep (REM), and this alone shows us how important our sleeping environment IS.  Getting a solid 7-8 hours of sleep without interruption and in a clean room away from EMF/RF's, is definitely the most beneficial preventive health measure to start with when serious about Longevity and having a quality life.

ANTENNAS AND BOX SPRINGS:  Remember in the days of Antennas on our homes for our TV?  And they were all different lengths of metal on a metal pole that connected to our home to pick up a variety of radio frequencies (RF's)...  with this in mind, think of the metal bed frames that are used with box springs and mattresses!  The metal frames have a length of one radio signal, and could very well be a great interference to our sleep, and our body's own energy field.  If you have seen Futon's and/or the beds in the Orient, Far East, most are in the middle of the room, and flat on the floor (no frame).  I recommend a solid WOOD open frame of un-treated wood if you're going to use a frame, and to avoid the Box 'spring' as again, that is sleeping on Metal.

ORGANIC MATTRESSES:  Is your Mattress organic, and/or is it of safe material inside and out? I have done a lot of research on 'organic' mattresses, and besides for being a bit expensive, I found that many were not truly all organic, and of safe material.  I recommend one company that has been a blessing to work with, and appears to have some of the greatest in Organic Mattresses, and Pillows, and I'd like to share this company with you in a link below.  Also, as we live and learn, we've all purchased sheets that are of synthetic nature, including clothes we wear.  Although it's difficult enough to find clothes we want, it's even more difficult to find them in pure Cotton, and / or made with pure organic cotton.  That may be going to extreme, however, if you're able to afford the best, I would highly recommend buying 100% organic, untreated materials, un-dyed, also, is great, especially for sheets and pillow-cases.   

BOLL & BRANCH is known to be a company with the highest quality in fabrics used for sheets, however, expensive to many, and even Presidents have been known to sleep on these sheets and bedding, though there are other companies more affordable that have 100% cotton pure sheets and you have to do your research for them.

FOAM MATTRESSES & PILLOWS - If you were one of the people that bought into the FOAM mattresses and pillows, I suggest doing your due diligence on the foam and ingredients, as I researched one major company that sells a lot of mattresses and upon the new mattress in your home, it smells very STRONG in an odor that is very strange, and the company will tell you that in time, the smell will fade.  After more research, I learned that they are made with petroleum and other chemicals that have been very harmful to our health, and to our sleeping habits, also.  Also, the foam is deadly if it were to be in a house fire, as it puts off highly toxic chemicals in the fire, and even firemen/women should be cautioned that a foam mattress is in the home!  Do your own research, especially if you have bought one of these mattresses.

FABRIC AND OTHER PRODUCTS:  Just an FYI, as a lady purchased a very expensive set of luggage on-line and upon it's delivery to her house, on the outside of the box it had a DISCLOSURE that basically stated that in the state of California the fabric used for this product has been discovered to be Carcinogenic and if you should touch the fabric, you should wear protective covering over your hands, and or wash your hands immediately.  This to her was NEVER disclosed where it was advertised, and is just a small example of how the other 49 states MAY or may not have this disclosure and the owner of such beautiful luggage may NEVER know this piece of information.  This happens every day, as the agencies we think are out for our best interest, are not always - and now with the INTERNET, we have no excuse for not doing our own due diligence on products that we purchase, BEFORE we buy them.  

In my opinion, I personally do not want to Support manufacturers of products, that could or do cause us harm in any way.

Enough for our sleeping environment, how about the REST of our house?

When doing a home inspection for a friend, of course my first look is inside the refrigerator to see the types of food is in there for consumption, and also, the condiments (mostly processed), and if items are sitting in 'plastic' containers, especially in the Freezer.  Glass is always recommended, as the chemicals in the plastic may leach out into the foods, especially the in a freezer.  Another reason never to drink from plastic bottles (such as bottled water) and /or to place them in a freezer, as the freezing will incorporate some of the plastic chemicals into the water, and then thawing it, releases it more into the water you'll be drinking.  NEXT, is to peak into the CABINETS.  Canned products?  Aluminium or Tin?  IF you are buying organic foods, or any food, they should be in Glass.  If you're avoiding the pesticides and gmo glysophate chemicals etc, and buying Organic, glass is always the best option for most of the foods, and certainly, buying organic certified by THE NON-GMO PROJECT label on the product, in my opinion may give us some of the best security to if it's truly non-gmo and organic...

Of course, there is always that ONE food that is hard to find as organic, and/or not in a can.  If it's needed for a recipe, then once in a while may not be so negative upon our health - though it's all about how serious you are to avoid the corporations that use gmo foods and/or foods with Pesticides, as we're already aware that those are carcinogenic and certainly not a gamble I would want to take, nor a company I would like to help profit.  Of course, this is of my own opinion.

Under the Sinks:  is there a spray bottle full or distilled vinegar, and a food grade hydrogen peroxide?  Two to be used separately when cleaning off counter-tops, remote controls, door handles, toilets etc, that act as a very good sanitation.  IF though there is COMET, brillo pads, windex, and other cleaning products of chemicals, these should be avoided, if possible.


LAUNDRY DETERGENTS:  Unfortunately our Washing Machines don't necessarily get out all the DETERGENT in the Rinse Cycle, hence, we're wearing clothing still with Detergent ON THEM against our skin.  You wonder how people can start having skin allergies in their life.  Make your own, as there are many places on YouTube that show you how from natural sources, and/or in the least, but ZERO fragrance and as natural a product you can find, and use very little of the product in a load of laundry and also, if your machine has the option, choose a 2nd rinse cycle on your machine.  Also, I use my natural Essential Oils, and sprinkle a little on a clean SOCK and include that in the DRYER to freshen up the clothes, opposed to the chemical fragrances sold out there. 


FRAGRANCES:  Another BIG mistake is for anyone to think the FRAGRANCES used in either Perfumes, and or the smelly things people plug into their electrical outlets, or Spray in the AIR, and/or hang in their vehicles is safe, as those are made from chemical compounds and are known to be carcinogenic, and should be avoided!  There are only a few good companies out there that offer the purest in 'Essential Oils' that are great to use to purify a room, or use against Pests, etc, however, still should not be used ON the skin, unless you are absolutely sure of it's purity.  I have a water distiller and use the distilled water in a spray bottle with a few drops of my favorite Essential Oils, such as Lavender, Orange and Frankincense, to use on my furniture, and around the house to freshen up the room.


PERSONAL PRODUCTS:  Even our dish soap and face/hand soaps need to be researched as to the ingredients, as there are products with artificial fragrances and other ingredients that are also, carcinogenic.   Going to the company listed on the front page of this web site for your Organics at a Discount, have some great bars of soap that are more Natural, and or to your local health store, or you can make your own!  Remember the rule of thumb - do not use or put anything on your skin that you wouldn't EAT.  That is pushing it a little, however, our Skin is our largest organ, and everything you put ON your skin gets into the body at a certain percentage, and some actually can seep into our Blood Stream, and eyes, or ears. 


Lots to think about when placing these on the body, on our skin and in the hair.  Parabens, and other chemicals that are known to be unhealthy, are STILL allowed and in many products, including some VERY expensive skin serums and face/neck beauty products.  The internet has answers to the ingredients to avoid, and as we become LABEL READERS for this and become educated more and more, this becomes second nature to our buying habits.







GROCERY STORE LABEL READING:  In the grocery stores it's very important to read the labels - even some olive oils were known to be using CANOLA oil in them as was posted earlier in 2016, and it's known that CANOLA is one of the largest known products to be Genetically Modified,  not to mention, really shouldn't have ever been called a 'food' as it was used as a bug repellent.  Wheat, Corn, Soy are all known to be mostly GMO today, and as this corporation grows, it's also modified many other veggies, and the LINK to the GMO list will be attached herein for your review.  


BARCODES:   Labels on Fruits and Vegetables have a 4-5 digit bar code.  If your product has 4 digits, it means it was Conventionally Grown, though not necessarily Organic.  If the product code has '5' digits, it means the product (produce) was organically grown.  The '5' digit code that begins with an '8' indicates that the produce was Genetically Modified.


GMO FAQ'S:  Even with over 15 yrs of research of the Genetically Modified food Industry, I'm no expert, however, I have some incredible articles and research done that has proven that GMO Food, which is practically 80-90% of our grocery store foods, is NOT a healthy alternative!

Click the Corn for some great GMO information

Should we be eating Corn?






What is GLUTEN?  How has our BREAD changed in the past 10-30 years. Is it true that BREAD today has 10 to the 18th power MORE gluten than 10-20 years ago?  Is it naturally occurring in Wheat?  Or has it been altered in the GMO era?  It's interesting, as we DO need to look back in history; we've never seen so many food allergies and gut issues EVER in history as we do today after the INDUSTRIAL ERA and GMO take-over in our Grocers including dangerous illnesses such as Leaky-Gut, GERD, and other Gut related issues.  I personally don't believe even Gluten Free foods are healthy,  Gluten Free is really just a FAD and another great way for manufacturers to capture on a new product line, as happens in most cases, such as we were led to believe many moons ago thru MEDIA that margarine is better for us than real BUTTER, though then to find out years later what margarine is MADE OF (plastic?), and today, we read that Butter is actually good for us!  We must be our own researchers today, and try to read between the lines, as we only can trust an organic seed that came naturally from our Planet, and watch it grow, and pick the food ourselves!!   REAL FOOD from God's earth is the best thing to trust.






While cellular phones have been shown to possibly cause

tumors in our body, it's best to keep them off our body,

and away from our head.  A lot of information is on this

subject, and may become a page of it's own in this web

site, and or at

Either way, another thing I look for in a house, or office, is where you spend most of your time during the day.  Where do you sit?  At a desk where your computer is right next to you and the Router to the INternet is within a couple feet from you?  Including a large Monitor that is just a couple feet from your body, or a lap top that you literally keep on your LAP?  Also, is your desk against a wall, whereas you are not only sitting right next to the Dirty Electricity from the wall, however, the Electrical Outlet may have many items going into it, right there next to your chair or desk.  My desk is in the middle of the room at an angle, looking out windows in front of me and to each of my sides, and I had the cable company use extended cables and ethernet cords to keep the Router at a distance of over five feet from me, and is where my computer is, and then a long cord that extends the Monitor, keyboard and mouse to the desk where I sit and work.  At this time, I have NO blue tooth or wife connectivity, all corded.

I had the cable company show me how to enter my IP Address (numbers) into the HTTP area of the search field on my computer many years ago, to bring up the internal selections to my WiFi/Router Box as to where I can ENable or DISable the WiFi at any time.  I go in as the ADMIN, and have a password to enter this area provided by the Internet Company.  Typically the WiFi in my office/home, is and always has been disabled (off), unless there is a reason I need to use a lap top away from my desk computer that is hard-wired into the Internet, or I have company over that needs to connect to a WiFi signal.  Otherwise, I do NOT have WiFi on 24/7, as there is no reason for it as the main computer can be hard-wired, as was done when internet first came out, prior to the CONvenience of walking around your house with a lap top or tablet; however, how convenient IS it, if it' contributes to a disturbance to our, and our pet's Health, and or our Sleeping Habits.  My research shows that keeping WiFi off in the home is beneficial to my and my pets health, including aiding in better sleep, and helps with everything else in my home including the food in the cupboards.  Research on line states that all this WiFi today is carcinogenic, however, then there are conflicting reports - so, in my mind, and for my own personal health, I feel it's NOT an inconvenience to keep the WiFi off, most of the time, in my own home.  Luckily I've worked from home since I was 27 yrs young, and had the ability to avoid many of the things that in an office of a business that you just can't avoid, inwhich may not be very healthy to sit in for an 8-10 hour day, including lighting of Florescence lighting opposed to natural light bulbs.  My first real J. O.B. while in high school I was in Customer Support for a large company up in a very tall building, and it was ALL Florescence lighting and it was then I felt the NEED to drink coffee to get me thru the day.  However, on my days off, at home, I was find.  I found the lighting to bother my eyes, and, also make me tired.  Later on, when Internet came available, I researched Florescence lighting and found out WHY I didn't feel good spending a lot of time within it.  More to come, and links to some some fun FAQ's.

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Is it good to have some fresh, living Greenery in our homes?  Yes, of course.  Just beware of sitting water (mosquitoes love to breed in that) and beware of bringing potted plants into a home that were once sitting outside!  You never know what was living in them!





  • The Feston Rose Plant

  • Devil's Ivy

  • Phalaenopsis

  • English Ivy

  • Parlor Ivy

  • African Violets

  • Christmas Cactus

  • Yellow Goddess

  • Garlic Vine

  • Peace Lily
















"We are 75+% water, What Water do YOU Drink?"  What is its Source?

And, are Your children and animals drinking from a hose with LEAD?



Real Structured Water for good Hydration in our Body!

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