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What is geopathic stress and can it be remediated?   Scroll down below to how I've corrected these GSL's in the past years, and how I can help you do the same!

Geopathic stress is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth (Schumann Resonance / Waves). The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz – Schumann Resonances (SR), which falls within the range of (alpha) human brainwaves.
Underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, tunnels and u
nderground railways, mineral formations and geological faults distort the natural resonance of the Earth thus creating geopathic stress.  Sleeping or spending a lot of time in geopathic stress zones can cause ill effects on our health, performance and wellbeing.

In 1952, a German physicist W.O. Schumann identified 7.83Hz as a frequency of the earth’s magnetic field. 7.83Hz frequency falls within the range of natural human alpha brainwaves which is an optimum state for well-being and healing.  

Brainwave states and Schumann resonance of 7.83Hz
A frequency of 7.83Hz (Schumann waves) soothes the brain so your brain receives benefits as when you sleep in geopathic stress-free zones and with no electro-smog.  


(7.83Hz) which is a natural frequency of the earth’s magnetic field can be disrupted or distorted by underground water streams, geological fault lines, underground caverns and certain mineral deposits such as coal, oil and iron. Apart from natural earth’s disruptions, man-made structures such as railways, motorway cuttings, embankments, bridges, quarries, tunnels, mines and underground bankers can cause geopathic stress. Steel pilings, metal fences post and road signs stakes, as well as buried gas, electricity and water mains and sewers, can disrupt Schumann Resonance and cause geopathic stress. Certain types of building foundations and structures can be another cause of GS.

How long have you people known about geopathic stress?

It looks like, our ancestors, in most cultures knew about geopathic stress or geopathic zones. In feng shui, Chinese called geopathic stress many names such as ‘claws of the dragon’ or ‘dragon lines’ or ‘underground demons’. Ancient Romans would test areas for new buildings by allowing sheep to graze in the potential area for a year and then they would dissect the sheep to see if their organs were healthy or not (Roman architect Vitruvius was aware of GS). Hippocrates and Avicenna (Islamic scholar) talked about the importance of the location of buildings in relation to health. Bavarians would install anthills in prospective bedrooms to see if the ants like the place or not (ants do like geopathic stress – read more about what animals like and don’t like geopathic stress). A German researcher Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl (who coined the term geopathic zones), after a very extensive study in the course of his whole life, came to the conclusion that every single disease could be linked to geopathic stress (read more about his research in the article below the video). Van Pohl developed a scale of 0-16 where zero is 7.83Hz neutral, healthy zone and 16 is a highly geopathically stressed zone (going up to 250Hz). Any area above zero can create a greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative diseases and a wide range of health problems because our immune system is compromised in the geopathically stressed zones.


What animals like and don’t like geopathic stress?
Certain animals like and can actually thrive on geopathic stress zones and some avoid it.
Animals that like geopathic stress are: bees, wasps, snakes and cats. Bees will actually produce more honey when beehives are placed on geopathic stress zones – so not all geopathic stress is that bad. Please note that cats would also like places where there is no geopathic stress such as warm and cosy places so if your cat/s are particularly fond of one place it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is geopathic stress there. 

Animals that avoid geopathic stress are dogs and some fish such as goldfish.


What other signs can indicate geopathic stress zones?
Walls can develop cracks and extra humidity can attract mold. It’s been noted that roads are prone to patholes where there is geopathic stress. Hay and other less-fireproof materials are more likely to catch fire in the GS zones. It’s been observed that road accidents happen more often in geopathic zones (in some countries such roads have warning signs).


How can I tell whether I am affected by geopathic stress? 
There are a number of personal health factors (apart from the environmental ones mentioned above) which may suggest the presence of geopathic stress in your home or office.

These can include: 1) you never wake up feeling refreshed or actually feel worse in the mornings 2) you have a feeling that there is something wrong with your home – it doesn’t feel right – you don’t look forward to going home – you feel better away from home 3) you may have a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., multiple sclerosis, etc or illness that doesn’t respond to treatment or you actually become not well after moving to y
our new home 4) the house has a history of cancer or other serious illnesses. 



Sha Streams
There is much that can be done to ameliorate or remove Geopathic stress arising from disturbed underground water veins, and protocols can be divided into three types: avoiding, shielding and curative.
‘Avoiding’ generally involves moving the bed away from the zones of disturbance, having identified them with dowsing rods or meters. This is the ideal short-term solution, however, it is often not practical in a typical small house.

Sha Streams: Causes
A Sha stream is a sick Lung Mai or earth meridian. There is a well-established link between Sha streams and traumas to the earth’s etheric web that have caused the flow of Qi to stagnate in the channels.
Sha Streams
Sha streams can be defined as underground water veins that give off noxious radiations which can be harmful to life above them. They can be seen as earth meridians (Mai) whose flow has become stagnant or polluted, giving rise to Sha Qi. This Sha Qi includes radon gas as well as subtler elements.
Harmful radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface and above. The stream may be anything from 1ft – 3000ft deep and from 1ft – 300ft wide (the widest corresponding to a major ley line). The two edge lines and the centre line dowse as the strongest, sharpest Qi and are potentially the most dangerous places on the stream for habitual exposure. The edge lines are found to be more associated with physical diseases such as tumours, while the centre lines have more of an association with mental and psycho-spiritual disturbances. Where the underground water vein is a primary riser the edge lines are the more dangerous, while on the descending veins it is the centre line that is the strongest (and over which standing stones are sited in ancient British geomancy).
The streams may display tributaries and convergences, and dowsable echoes parallel to the mainstream. They may display course changes, especially after earthquakes and droughts. They are known to be stronger at midday, mid-summer, full moon, and during periods of heightened solar flare (sunspot) activity. They are also known to be associated with higher levels of ionising radiation, and with lightning strikes and other atmospheric phenomena.


Modern understanding of Geopathic stress recognises a number of different sources. Generally the most dangerous are the harmful underground water veins known to European dowsers as black streams, and to the Chinese as channels of underground Sha Qi. Also important are geological faults, radon gas, mineral deposits, ley line crossings, and global geomagnetic grid crossings. Latterly, the entire spectrum of AC pulsed electromagnetic fields and industrial and medical ionising radiation sources have also to be considered, as well as microwave and radio wave transmissions, and DC field disruptions caused by metal objects.

As water flows through underground passages, fractures and fissures, it produces its own electromagnetic field, often high into microwave frequency. This field fluctuates depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing, and whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy. Interference with the earth’s natural energy field is particularly marked where these underground streams flow, and especially at the crossing points of two watercourses or other types of energy lines. In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside edge lines of subterranean watercourses are at the very top, and they are found in association with many terminal and debilitating diseases.
A skilled dowser can easily detect this type of energy line. It can also be detected by a German analytical instrument developed by Dr. Ernst Hartmann and Dr. Dieter Ashcroft in Essen, which confirms this dowsable energy above subterranean water lines. The Genitron Felix-3, used in German universities and research institutes, detects ultra short and radio microwave frequencies and prints them out on a UKW- Spectrometer and Linedrawer.

The radiation rises vertically above the underground watercourses, and the deleterious effects are evident many stories up. The adverse health effects may include deprivation of regenerating sleep resulting in arthritis, cancer, enhanced production of microbes encouraging mould and rot, degenerative diseases and rheumatism. The molecules of moving underground water interact with the structure of the strata it is flowing through, producing a positive vertical electric field, a dc generated magnetic field, radio frequencies ranging from 87 – 101 MHz and ultra-short waves which are organized into narrow bands about 6-8 cm wide.



While studying the Geopathic Stress Lines for over 14 years and originally being introduced to them by an aquaintenance of mine and expert in the Human Body vs the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Geopathic Stress Lines, Manfred Bower, I quickly learnt the importance of not spending a lot of time in one of these GSL.

I spent many years remediating the GSL's with Manred's many inventions (which were spectacular);; however after the passing of Manfred, it appeared his inventions may have been lost.  Therefore,I continued to do research and studies in dowsing for these Geopathic stress line
s and searching for other remedies.  There are products on line suggesting they work, however, I continued on with my journey to help others.

I have to date, dowsed many properties and sucessfully elimiated and/or reduced drastically the effects of these GSL's.  I have found an easy Remedy.   After years of research and practice, I found a simple fix that in my opinion and testing, appears to correct the Geopathic Stress within seconds for Humans.   First is to dowse the complete area of a home, business, etc, and find the direction (flow) of the stress line(s), and then work with three foot copper or brass rods strategicly placed, which appears to remediate issues from living within Geopathic Stress Lines.   I can immediately re-test after the placements of the rods to be sure it's corrected.   Though many houses and businesses, (and land) have more than one Geopathic Stress line so it can be a bit detailed.  However, in my opinion, one of the most important things we can do for our living environment.  Including for our loving pets, farm animals, and even when planting a garden.

I found in my own home that I was sitting at my desk directly on a Geopathic Stress Line as I was feeling fatiqued, achey in my lower back, and sometimes feeling pain in different parts of my body, including slight headaches.   Am I more sensitive to these stress lines?  Possibly, however, I feel it's a blessing as if I didn't feel this difference, I may have never continued in my reserach and helping others.   I believe that even if you don't feel the difference in a GSL before or after the remedy, it's still interferring with your energetic body in many ways and in time, the affects could be less than optimal health.


After dowsing just the the room I was in, I found I was directly on a GSL and immediately after remediating it, and testing that it was corrected, within just 20-40 minutes  while working at my desk I started feeling better.  Within 1-2 hours the 'symptoms' were almost gone.   From that day forward, I did not have any of the symptoms again.   This was a long time ago, and this alone proved to me that the GSL's can be a true negative affect on our Wellbeing.  I then started helping others.

After helping friends
 locally, I learnt that I could do remote work if I have the actual layout of the home or business (floor plan) such as from the tax records, or from another source.  I remotely test the home via the Blueprint of the structure.


Search your local building department or archives

“Most local jurisdictions keep the records of past permits so you should start by contacting your local building department,” says Saltiel.

In some cases, you may find your department complies an online database of permits and plans. If you can’t access records online, you can often submit a records request via an online form, then wait for digital records to be sent to you. There may be a fee for this service.

If you live in a smaller community or seek blueprints from pre-CAD days, you may need to visit your city or county records office and request these records be pulled. If you want physical copies of blueprints or other records, the office will likely charge a fee.

Contact the original architect or builder

“If you know who the original architect or builder was, contact them,” says Saltiel. “If you’re lucky and the building is modern enough you might even be able to obtain digital Autocad (or similar) files.”

After I've dowsed the Blue Print/Floor Plan of home, land or business, I instruct where to place a three foot brass rod which can be purchased at your local hardware store.  A large ACE Hardware store typically has these already precut to 3 foot.  In many circumstances, I find most homes will need approximately 4-6 Brass Rods.

After the Brass Rods are placed in the area I instruct to put them, I then re-test the area again to be sure it's in the correct location.  Throughout the years of doing this remedy, I've had the pleasure of hearing how much this has corrected many 'symptoms' and it's a blessing that I can help people that searched and seeked ways to balance their home in a Healthy way!  

Contact me for more information on Remotely assisting with Geopathic Stress Lines, also.   People say there is no real science behind Geopathic Stress Lines and/or any remedy; however, proof is in how we feel (and future wellness) after these GSL's are remediated.   Certainly there are no guarantees; however, it's always a win win to help remediate these GSL's in a living environment no matter if you have symptoms, or not.  

My services are also for land.  For instance it's been noted that Bee Hives produce more honey directly ON a Geopathic Stress Line, just as cats and ants are drawn to these GSL's!   And, though for some plants, or a hen house for example, it may be a good idea to test the area prior to planting food or building a Hen House, and/or at least remediate the GSL's if they exist.

Working in Dowsing and Kinesiology (muscle testing) for well over 10 years, I found this art to be most rewarding for many areas of life!  Especially when I can help others, too.  Such as, testing your food from the grocery store for toxins or Genetically Modified Organisms,  and your supplements, etc!  The list goes on!  



In the animal realm, most mammals instinctively avoid spending time over Sha streams, gravitating instead to Sheng Qi streams i.e. the healthy, free-flowing earth meridians. Dogs will instinctively avoid kennels and beds on GS lines, though obedience to their human’s instructions can be the death of them. Birds are reckoned to be most sensitive, and horses most resilient, though many chronically ill or injury-prone horses are found to be stabled on Sha streams.
Cats, owls, corvids, snakes, slugs and snails are however attracted to Sha streams, and a cat’s favourite sleeping place (in the absence of an obvious source of warmth) is very often a sure clue to the location of a Sha stream crossing. Local cats will gather in the neighbourhood GS hot-spot. A cat who regularly sleeps in the same spot on a bed is certainly performing a diagnostic, and possibly a protective function, though if the GS is too strong the cat will also suffer. Insects, parasites, bacteria and viruses also thrive on Sha streams, and ant and wasp nests invariably provide a similar clue: thus a Sha stream is the right location for a beehive.



Clues to the path of a Sha stream in the vegetable world include lightning-struck trees, dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, infertile fruit trees, cankers, and strangely twisted trees (usually in the direction of current flow). Fruit trees are the most sensitive, while oaks, redwoods and ashes are more resilient, and elders seem to be positively attracted. Lawns will often betray bare patches, moss, silverweed and fungi, while vegetable gardens will reveal stunted or mutated growth, especially along the edge lines of the Sha streams.
Ivy, bindweed, nett
les, docks, thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are naturally attracted, and indeed the appropriate medicinal herbs for a sick person are usually to be found in the garden along the path of a Sha stream running through their bed.


Geopathic stress and feng shui

Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture have always been an integral if esoteric part of Feng Shui practice. Where the Feng Shui form of a building or landscape is poor, the effects of GS will be worse. Where a GS line runs across or through other key points in a property beside the bed, such as the front door, front gate, or centre of a house, the quality of Qi entering the property will be compromised and the whole building will suffer.
Where GS lines coincide with Compass School sectors, for example in a Ba Gua, Ba Zhai, Ming Gua or Fei Xing chart, the type of effect that the GS will provoke can be anticipated – it can deplete a good portent or activate a bad one. For example, in my own professional experience, every single bedroom surveyed belonging to a child who has died has suffered from medium to strong GS lines in conjunction with the Jue Ming (severed fate) Ba Zhai portent in their bedroom.

Some Research on geopathic stress

There is some research into geopathic stress and its effect on health (Derek, 1994; Pimplikar, 2001; Hacker, 2005; Hacker, Pauser, and Augner, 2006, 2008, 2011) and performance (Augner, Hacker, Jekel, 2010) and specifically on blood pressure and heart rate (Dharmadhikari, 2010, 2011). Feng shui practitioners have been recognising the geopathic stress as problematic and recommending avoiding the geopathic stressed zones, especially for sleeping purposes. Read more research on geopathic stress


Dharmadhikari NP, Meshram DC, Kulkarni SD, Kharat AG, Pimplikar SS. Effect of geopathic stress zone on human body voltage and skin resistance. J Engin Technol Res. 2011;3(8):255-63. 

Geopathic stress zones are places on the surface of the Earth known to cause health problem. Empirical knowledge of the existence of geopathic stress is probably as old as mankind. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of geopathic stress on human body. It further tries to scientifically evaluate dowsing phenomenon by measuring body voltage, skin resistance, using V-20 bio voltmeter, GSR-2 biofeedback system(R) respectively in and around the pre-detected geopathic stress zones on the Mumbai-Pune express way and some residential areas of Pune city (India). Healthy male volunteers were subjected to the stress in prospective study. The observations indicate a change in body voltage, skin resistance in geopathic stress zones as compared to non-stress zone.


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Effect of geopathic stress on human heart rate and blood pressure:

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The idea of stress as a factor in ill health is now widely accepted and the effects on the body are relatively well-documented. The true range of the causes is not so much in evidence. Geopathic stress as a causal link to ill health is usually ignored as most people are unaware of its presence. This article explores the concept of geopathic stress, its effect on the environment and the implications of this for the individual's healing process. It is argued that geopathic stress can undermine both the body's subtle energy system (the etheric body, chakras and meridians) and the body's electrical system (brain, heart and muscles), thus delaying healing and recovery. A challenge is made to all health-care professionals who are dedicated to the development of holistic care to further their understanding and awareness of this phenomenon.

Hong LB. Geopathic sress line exert an influence on interior design. Ambiance. 2012;2(1):1-13.

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GEOPATHIC STRESS The energy from the modern devices which surround us play havoc with our vibrational balance as they stream into our environment, inexorably weakening the human immune system. When you think that a vibration emitted by a certain component in a plant can be transformed into a practical therapeutic form and applied to a sick human, we have a good example of the immensity of the invisible world which we inhabit in blissful ignorance. Some would, therefore, say that we cannot be blamed for our unawareness. Maybe, and it is not really surprising that we are in a state of ignorance concerning these invisible forces, they do not have a great press and there are only a few eccentrics who talk about them! But that is surely not a reason to neglect them, particularly when we can do something about them if they upset our very existence. From an historic viewpoint, many civilisations have left us glancing information into their ancient practices, but none as much as the Egyptians who some 15,000 plus years ago knew all about this subject and it is primarily thanks to them that we know what little we do understand now as their know-how has filtered down to us via the Greeks, etc.. The Chinese also managed to maintain a certain amount of knowledge in this field despite the upheavals of the last century, but it is jealously guarded and only filters out to the world in a diluted exoteric form of Feng Shui. Possibly, in China, the knowledge of the earth’s energy fields remain a local secret. In the west, where ever since the 4th century AD, the Christian church has held sway over what can or cannot be said or done, knowledge has been kept under a tight rein. Even though the theory of a round earth was finally accepted in the 16th century, making way for the Reformation, remarkably little changed until the early 1900s when a substantial amount of research, experimentation and investigation was conducted until the 60s, most noticeably in western Europe.  The Chinese Emperor Kuang Yu (2205 - 2197 BC) published an edict which ordered the probing of building sites in respect of underground water currents in order to get rid of noxious influences. No ancient site is ever found built on such subterranean aquifers, unless used and integrated into the overall structure, viz. European cathedrals and churches of the middle ages, or menhirs and dolmens of earlier times. Medieval builders would even test their sites first by putting sheep there and observing if they avoided the area.  People, animals and plants regularly spending time in zones subject to geopathic stress are likely to experience problems at some stage in their existence.
Lowers immunity.

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