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Body Mind Freedom




Where the Focus is on delivering the Miracles that have assisted my own Journey in this Life Time, and sharing them with others ~

Keeping it Simple & Effective to bring Enlightenment & Healing within, for all that seek it.....


Love & Gratitude for that you're here reading this today, and that I can share with you in your Journey.  The Mission in my work, practices & study is to become EMPOWERED in every way!


While working with Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fish, and even Food & Plants regarding Energy Healing/Love in many facets of my work, it's easy to also see that water is 'Living' also, and needs the same attention! 


Notice how if you put a potato in the cupboard for a couple weeks - and see how it sprouts (it's ALIVE), or, forget about a garlic clove in the refrigerator and find that it's growing a large green stem. YES, still ALIVE!


Food & Water has feelings and emotions, just as animals, plants, and men/women and children... including the very Earth we walk on.  It's all Pure Energy....

As my Journey unfolds in a world of business, chaos, technology, friends, family, and social media, I've been blessed in this Journey to cross paths with some of whom I believe are very advanced Mentors & Gurus, full of Great Wisdom/Knowledge inwhich have appeared in my life since the 'seeds' were planted in my mind by my Father, God Bless him.

Enlightened in this world of Illusion - I always seek Truth.  Whether this is a Simulation, Holographic or Divine Intervention, there are Particles that make up space of which are Intelligent and are ALIVE and know you are observing it!

I believe that those that appear in our lives are either for a Reason, or a Season, and that we should learn from them, experience with them, and then let go. Let God.


Pure Energy Connections became also, about bringing people together - esp in the Internet of things, introducing Healing Modalities, Preventive Health Measures, Self Healing & Self Empowerment, VI Meditation, Acupressure points for healing Emotional deep rooted Trauma, along with Fitness/Weight Training, Qi Gong, Nutrition, Diet & Healing Foods, Food-Product & Label Awareness,  and much more!


The Intent while designing this website was and is, to plant a seed in the Conscious and Subconscious Mind that may Flourish and Prosper throughout the days to come for all that visit here, while delivering a long Quality Life with Happiness, and to always be

Dis-Ease free......  


Light & Love

Donna-Jean  (D.J.)





Pure Energy Connections ~

powered by the Stars and the Sun, and given to us freely, from God

Are we the result of a Miraculous Explosion of Energy? "Pure Energy" is known by many names ~ such as: Orgon, Energy of All that IS, God’s Energy, Energy from the Universe; and it’s also termed as Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Prana (Indian), and in the West it may be called the Force Field, Life Force, the Soul and Scalar....   

Energy FLOWS where the 'Attention' goes  ....  

The Very Nature of Life can be perceived as Pure Energy, and or Pure Energy Potential.  It is whatever we want it to be and Focus on, and it is MAGNIFICENT.    

A true Gift from God.

When you focus on what you don't want, it is taking away from Empowering yourself and Transforming your Present life to what you DO want.

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