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Where the Focus is on delivering the Miracles that have assisted my own Journey in this Life Time, and sharing them with others ~

Keeping it Simple & Effective to bring Enlightenment & Healing within, for all that seek it.....


Love & Gratitude for that you're here reading this today, and that I can share with you in your Journey.  The Mission in my work, practices & study is to become EMPOWERED in every way!


While working with Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fish, and even Food & Plants regarding Energy Healing/Love in many facets of my work, it's easy to also see that water is 'Living' also, and needs the same attention! 


Notice how if you put a potato in the cupboard for a couple weeks - and see how it sprouts (it's ALIVE), or, forget about a garlic clove in the refrigerator and find that it's growing a large green stem. YES, still ALIVE!


Food & Water has feelings and emotions, just as animals, plants, and men/women and children... including the very Earth we walk on.  It's all Pure Energy....

As my Journey unfolds in a world of business, chaos, technology, friends, family, and social media, I've been blessed in this Journey to cross paths with some of whom I believe are very advanced Mentors & Gurus, full of Great Wisdom/Knowledge inwhich have appeared in my life since the 'seeds' were planted in my mind by my Father, God Bless him.

Enlightened in this world of Illusion - I always seek Truth.  Whether this is a Simulation, Holographic or Divine Intervention, there are Particles that make up space of which are Intelligent and are ALIVE and know you are observing it!

I believe that those that appear in our lives are either for a Reason, or a Season, and that we should learn from them, experience with them, and then let go. Let God.


Pure Energy Connections became also, about bringing people together - esp in the Internet of things, introducing Healing Modalities, Preventive Health Measures, Self Healing & Self Empowerment, VI Meditation, Acupressure points for healing Emotional deep rooted Trauma, along with Fitness/Weight Training, Qi Gong, Nutrition, Diet & Healing Foods, Food-Product & Label Awareness,  and much more!


The Intent while designing this website was and is, to plant a seed in the Conscious and Subconscious Mind that may Flourish and Prosper throughout the days to come for all that visit here, while delivering a long Quality Life with Happiness, and to always be

Dis-Ease free......  


Light & Love

Donna-Jean  (D.J.)





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