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Thank you for connecting with Pure Energy Connections.


Life's Journey brings us all in a variety directions and while coming from different choices that we've made in life, along with what we've consciously focused on.  What we think about and put energy into while growing up and witnessing during our Journey can deliver the reality that we live in today.  Influenced by our parents, siblings, friends, environment and those we've crossed paths with, we make choices throughout life inwhich creates the direction we move forward in.


Because of what I focused on, seek and studied, and practiced throughout my life, my Journey brought me incredible experiences!  I feel blessed to have learnt Inner-Peace, Homeopathics, Herbology, Kinesiology, Truth in Water/Filtration, Energy Medicine, EMF / Protection, and much more.  The most rewarding part of my Journey, is to be able to Share all this with others!

This is the ART of the Beginning - a Journey, and the design of how to achieve Empowerment over our Life, our Body/Mind, consciousness, and clearing out Sub Conscious items that sabotage our very Free Will.  Thank you for connecting to a Wholeness that is beyond this Illusion and connects us Within, to all that IS.

I enjoy spending time in Meditation & Prayer, Researching, Cooking,

Growing Food,  and Enhancing my home and surroundings to

continually deliver Peace & Harmony.

Many Blessings.

Light & Love

DJ Shirley

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