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Life's Journey brings us all in a variety directions while stemming from different choices that we've made in life, along with what we've consciously focused on.  What we think about while growing up and witnessing during our Journey can deliver the reality that we live in today.  Influenced by our parents, siblings, friends, environment and those we've crossed paths with, we make choices along these paths inwhich create the direction we move forward in.


My Journey brought me the Truth that I continued to seek since very young, as I felt that I was different because the things I saw others do and say didn't seem to resonate with me and/or felt it was not significant in any way in my Journey.  Life got interesting for me when I realized I could go into the past and see things, and then realized how easy it was for me to work in time/space while possibly stalling or warping time.  Once I succeeded to meditate at a very deep level, I realized I could change things in this reality, and create healing in my body in less than five days.

It brought me to experiment more and more in the conscious mind as it is exciting and empowering, and then I signed up and paid for more courses that could expand my awareness, and of course I spend over 25 years reading a variety of books that I was intuitively drawn to.  I went within, and developed a very close relationship with God/Source, and felt privileged to feel such Peace and Content in my Heart, with no Fear.  It was obvious to me that my e-motions (e=Energy) and Thoughts/Visions, became a projection into my Reality.  I AM blessed to have many Guru's along the way in many areas of Wisdom & Knowledge inwhich I continued to study and practice via their teachings.  While always seeking Truth & Wisdom, I believe this created the direction of my Journey, as I always 'knew' there is more to this Realty/Illusion/Simulation than meets the eye.


As a Certified Biomagnitist I AM daily amazed how the body's pathogens worked and paired together; and at the beginning of my Journey, as a REIKI Master, this opened up my Mind for further Wisdom and Comprehension and truly started my Journey back then.  I AM a Life Coach / Creator of 'VI Meditation' (an advanced Visual Imagery  detailed Meditation for Life Changes, Visual body surgery, and possibilities in bending or going back in time).

I also, contribute many of my great travels in this Journey to the mastering of Kinesiology/Muscle testing (listening to the body) for answers within to questions that I truly want and need correct answers to and guidance; connecting to God/Source, and receiving in my opinion the ONLY answers I accept, inwhich are Truth & Wisdom, and not from any other outside influence.  ONLY Truth/Wisdom.


Combining all of this with the importance of Mindfulness, Compassion, Observance of all that is, detoxing the body, Balancing/Cleansing & Opening up Chakras & the Pineal Gland; releasing e-Motional Trauma that may be blocking Happiness/Healing/Wealth; using Dream Interpretation to learn why there are 'blocks' in our life that we neglected to work on yet our Dreams were trying to tell us 'important information'; and, protecting against Electro-Magnetic smog (esp 5G) including EMF/RF's/Dirty Electricity/WiFi/3G-5G/Towers, and Geopathic Stress lines; eating a non-gmo clean 'natural' organic diet with clean, structured water that Hydrates the Cells; and, mostly, spending time in Meditation daily for Transformation, certainly will assist to bring us to Wholeness.

Other studies and practices are in Quantum Physics & Metaphysics, along with assisting to deliver Quality to life such as in Healing Circles within Quantum Entrainment (QE Certified), Singing Bowls, and in the Wellness arena sharing 'Awareness' of the dangers in our Environment, Food, miss-Labeling, toxic Ingredients & Products, which are all just the beginning of our Journey for Truth and Wisdom, while delivering a Quality Life.

This is the ART of the Beginning - a Journey, and the design of how to achieve Empowerment over our Life, our Body/Mind, consciousness, and clearing out Sub Conscious items that sabotage our very Free Will.  Thank you for connecting to a Wholeness that is beyond this Illusion and connects us Within, to all that IS.


What do I do in my spare time?


I, also, love Gospel music including some Jazz/Country & Blues; I play Guitar & Piano, while practicing the Harmonica and a home-made flute!  I love to Sprout & Grow healthy non-gmo organic herbs & food in my garden, and meditate there as often as possible!  In the near future, I'd like to purchase some acreage to grow more food, including hydroponic micro-greens, and have some horses. 

I'm writing my eBook on my creation of VI Meditation, and research and prepare for my Radio Shows while also in constant study of new technologies to help deliver my passions to the World digitally across the Net.  I learn and educate from 'some' YouTube and Brighteon videos, and/or cuddle up with a good book that enhances my life, and currently studying Dream Interpretation.  

I love to cook beautiful, healthy meals utilizing some Herbs from my garden, and spend time 'space' walking with my little dog and spending quality play time together. 

I have friends that are spread out all over the usa and World and so spend time connecting on line and sharing with them, including some local friends that I enjoy special times with, including fishing, boating, going to the Parks & Beaches, lunch, and outdoor events such as Arts & Craft & Technology Shows, and enjoying small bands.  I love learning of other Cultures, and their international foods, and though I've already traveled in the past to many places around the World, I hope to get over to the Virgin Islands and enjoy some R & R in the near future.  I also, enjoy spending time Enhancing my home and surroundings to continually deliver Peace & Harmony.

Many Blessings.

Light & Love


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