VI Meditation

VI Meditation

Take a Journey with me in a Holographic Visual Imagery experience in my self-taught Meditation (VI Meditation) that I've created, practice daily, and coached for over half a lifetime.  This can change 'Time' as you know it, possibly shifting to the next Time-Line of a life you dreamed of; restoring your body to another place in time/space and Empower yourself to visually make changes in your body and life. Manifest your most cherished Dreams, Needs, and Desires.


Cleanse your Energetic Body/Mind and Raise your Vibrations  which also Empowers a change in all existence around you thereby delivering a beautiful Environment & Self Healing within this very Creative & Powerful Meditation.  The reasons why VI (Visual Imagery) Meditation is possible, including Placebo's and other Self-Healing practices (and more), is that the Body/Mind (all our trillion of Cells) doesn't necessarily know the difference from a REAL event (our visual & audio Reality) and something you actually are THINKING about (our conscious thoughts & visions). 


Within the techniques of this creative meditation in complete relaxation & deep Alpha State of Consciousness (releasing all thoughts), it may be similar to an animated surgery upon our physical body.  Is FREE WILL an Illusion?  Do we really only choose around 5% of the time of what WE really want to do, and possibly 95% of the time the decisions are made by the Sub-Conscious Mind?  Scary Thought?


.. hold in your mind what you want to ATTRACT into your life and this feeds energy to what you want to Manifest -  Live it, Feel it, see it.... e-motionally attach to the 'Future' of things you WANT in your life and let-go of any negative thoughts and past experiences that are holding you back and keeping you in the past... and stop reliving the very things you do NOT want to have in the Present.

Learn how to take your mind/body OFF auto-pilot, and regain the Wisdom to bring into this Reality what Serves You.  We've been 'Programmed' since the day in the womb, and throughout our home environment, school, Tel-a-Vision, Media, and social interactions...


COMPASSION may be the Ether, the Force, and what holds the Universe together....and, a 2nd part of VI Meditation is being in silence and letting go of ALL chatter..... which is a special practice & devotion; and this place we enter while in Vi Mediation is like a VORTEX, delivering the greatest in Abundance, and creates all possibilities.  There is no place like Meditation!


eBooks and Audio is currently being developed for an on-line course in VI Meditation; however, if you would like to start the course with private instruction on Skype or Zoom, please contact me for availability and gifting via Zelle


















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