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Cutting edge technology of a recent major scientific breakthrough in an affordable Stem Cell Technology which activates your own stem cells and resets them to a Younger, Healthier state. 


Did you know that by age 35, you have lost over half of your Stem Cell activity and by age 60, you will lose almost all of your Stem Cell activity.​

Experience a new level of vitality with improvements to your energy, sleep, reduction in pain, reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, support of faster wound healing, just to name a few of the many benefits!

View more information BELOW on the Technology, and contact me with any questions and/or to order at Wholesale:





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As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could activate our stem cells and reset them to support wellness and health. This would boost vitality in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way.

We did it!

LifeWave X39® provides the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Backed by 20 years of development, LifeWave X39® patches have been demonstrated to provide an abundance of health benefits.*

X39 will elevate naturally occuring compounds in the body that would normally decline with age. It’s our 3rd generation of LifeWave patches and is our first patch that elevates a peptide known to activate stem cells.




4,000 Genes Begin to Reset in the first few days!

Within 24 hours the stem cell activation patch begins to reset 3,000-4,000 genes to a younger healthier state.

X39 elevates GHK Copper Peptide that initiates rapid repair of collagen in your body

“People using the stem cell patches will experience an immediate effect through the elevation of antioxidants and a decrease in inflammation and an increase in energy and joy.”

~ Melinda H. Connor, DD, November 2020


Within 1-3 months

Physical, Mental & Emotional Changes Occur

Activating your stem cells leads to cellular repair, regeneration and age reversal bringing you to optimal health on all levels.

recent study has shown after six weeks X39 helped with brain regulation as shown on QEEG brain mapping. These types of changes help calm an overactive brain leading to a decrease in multiple symptoms such as memory, depression, anxiety, sleep and more.

Another study has show at six weeks the cardiovascular system began to act 2 months younger.

Even if you don’t immediately feel the effects, rest assured the new stem cells are attracted to the most pressing issues which you may not feel, such as an internal organ or tissue before helping something you feel.


Within 3-6 months

Active Stem Cell Repair

The pluripotent stem cells turn into any type of cell your body needs for repair. Stem cells are what you body uses to replace and repair sick, dying or dysfunctional cells.

At this point your stem cells are now actively elevated.



Within 6-12 months

Reverse Aging

In a recent study, 14 out of 15 people lowered their biological age by an average of 8 years after just 6 months of using X39™.

~ David Schmidt, LA Convention, June 2020

X 39 patch also increases glutathione 30%.

However, our Glutathione patch increases it 300%


Our amazing Y-Age Aeon patch works in conjunction with the others to help the body reduce Inflammation, Pain, and much more.

  • Designed with phototherapy believed to reduce stress in the body

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Patented, proprietary form of phototherapy

  • No drugs, chemicals or stimulants

It does produce an immediate effect! – people using the X-39 will experience an immediate effect through elevation of the antioxidants and a decrease of inflammation. Therefore you will notice an improvement in Energy Levels, reduction of Pain, while an improvement of their overall wellbeing. Many other benefits as well, even quality of sleep.

We’ve also, heard back of dramatic pain relief! You can apply the patch to the area of pain, and many times within minutes the pain is gone.




This compound has proven in clinical research to rewrite thousands of genes in the dna to a youger state, the result is better health and vitality.


WRINKLES: With in three to four weeks and thru about 12 weeks, activating stem celles leads to an increase in collagen in the skin, which decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Sking will tighten and reduction of fine lines.


IN SPORTS – speeds up recovery time and improves PERFORMANCE.


HAIR GROWTH - activating stem cells in the scalp leads to hari growth. We have anecdotal reports from some user that have experienced this.



reduction of the appearance – initiates a condition in the skin called remodeling.



As we age, the quality of our stem cells dimish and so after 60 yrs of age, our stem cells are not moving very quickly and not releasing the growth factors needed to repair damage to the body. The X39 helps to support the nature wound healing process and a faster recovery.

Elevating of the compound with X 39 causes stem cells to elevate production of growth factors and lead to dramitic increases to the rate the body heals.

Contact me today to receive Wholesale pricing and get started reversing aging with this cutting edge technology!  Ask me also, how you can share this technology with others.

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Ms. Dj

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Bring back your Youth!
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