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Self-Healing, Truth & Awareness, VI Meditation/Time Manipulation, Manifesting, and The Art of the Awakening

As a Certified Biomagnitist, REIKI Master, and Life Coach / Creator 'VI Meditation' (an advanced Visual Imagery  Meditation for Life Changes, Visual body surgery, and possibilities in bending time as we know it); including the importance of Mindfulness; detoxing the body (and eliminating the pairing of Pathogens); Balancing & Opening up Chakras & the Pineal Gland; releasing e-Motional Trauma that may be blocking Happiness/Healing/Wealth; protecting against Electro-Magnetic smog (esp 5G); eating a non-gmo organic diet with clean water that Hydrates the Cells; and, mostly, spending time in Meditation daily for Transformation.

Other studies and practices are in Quantum Physics & Metaphysics, along with assisting to deliver Quality to life such as in Healing Circles within Quantum Entrainment (QE Certified), Singing Bowls, and in the Wellness arena sharing 'Awareness' of the dangers in our Environment, Food, miss-Labeling, Ingredients, Products, Water, EMF/RF's/Dirty Electricity/WiFi/3G-5G/Towers, and Geopathic Stress lines, which are all just the beginning of our Journey for Truth and Wisdom -  a Quality life.


 "The Awakening of Truth, and Healing"


Manifesting ~ Divine has gifted us, it's for us to clear our thoughts and listen, and Abundance manifests.

It's believed that there is a Vortex where all your Visions, Desires & Dreams are waiting to be manifested into this Reality, this 3D Illusion -  projected right from our very Thoughts & Visions.   Learning how to tap into this Field by 'Silencing the Mind'  away from all Chatter, and at Peace with all within and around us, just may be where 'All-Things-Are-Possible'; at Zero Point.

VI Meditation

Balance the Body from Electromagnetic man-made Frequencies; then Ground, and cleanse your Energetic Body/Mind and Raise your Vibrations with visual thought.  Delivering Self Healing within this very advanced, Creative & Powerful Meditation that has been in my life for almost 30 years.  The reasons why VI Meditation is possible, including Placebo's and other Self-Healing practices (and more), is that the Body/Mind (all our trillion of Cells) doesn't necessarily know the difference from a REAL event (our visual & audio Reality) and something you actually are THINKING about (our conscious thoughts & visions).  We achieve this state of mind in a meditate state of Consciousness by and through training the mind/body.   Within the techniques of this creative meditation it may be similar to an animated surgery upon our physical body.  Is FREE WILL an Illusion?  Do we really only choose the life we want 5% of the time; and possibly 95% of the time the decisions are made by the Sub-Conscious Mind?  Hold in your thoughts what you want to ATTRACT into your life, and be excited to hold the thoughts of 'remembering' what you want in your future; learn how to take your mind/body OFF auto-pilot, and regain the Wisdom to bring into this Reality what Serves You.  COMPASSION may be the Ether, Energy, the Matrix Force (Divine) and is what holds the Universe together!  One of the strongest frequencies is of the Heart's Energy Center.  Practice how to go through your day with Heart/Mind activated together!


Conscious Time - Space 

Within some of these same practices via VI Meditation, we may also, stall 'Time/Space' as we know it, possibly even stalling/reversing it, and/or enter Warps of time and space, and much more.  I've experienced the Mystical in VI Meditation and look forward to sharing this side of our Reality!







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or disease and are not to serve as medical advice. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease, pain or illness, should consult a qualified integrative physician



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Preventive Health, Self Healing, Awareness & Sustainable Living!

Join us at People's Patriot Network for continued research and Awareness to help better our Health & Happiness - delivering Truth & Wisdom... and Peace & Love within.


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Welcome to Pure Energy Connections


Where our vision is about planting Seeds ~ and, allowing You to let them grow....



An Awaking of our Innate abilities "the Physician within"

A Journey to the Beginning 

An important part of Healing and bringing Quality to our lives is being able to 'listen'....and let go all chatter in the mind.  Let go, Let God.

Sharing how to live Organically as possible and observe & correct what disturbances of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum may be disturbing our Energetic Body & Peace of mind; along with eradicating pathogens, such as eliminating Heavy Metals, Viruses, Parasites, and more, along with Balancing Iodine Deficiencies which assist the body to absorb Nutrients & Minerals. 

At Pure Energy Connections it's very important to have continued education about products, food, water, and our Environment inwhich may be disturbing to our Wellness, whereby creating unbalance Energetically, Emotionally and Physically. 


It's been a Journey  -  Now, let us be Empowered! 

I am Not a Healer ~ I may be a conduit of which Energy will Flow through ~

Being in Concert with that Energy surrounding/and within me, may be very beneficial to others.  Healing Circles, Singing Bowels, Chakra Balancing, and the Wisdom of how to correct the imbalances that may create dis-ease, may be the Future of Wholeness in this Reality.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change... Wayne Dyer


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Our vision is to see meditation in every town and suburb on the planet. Are you also interested in helping us spread this vision around the world? 

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"





PURE ENERGY CONNECTIONS is about Awakening to the things that lower our Vibrations and do Not Serve us; and, gain Wisdom on how to protect against the things we have no control over!

TRUTH AWAKENING VIDEO for those with ears to hear!


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Truth, Peace, and Manifesting our Reality in a Holographic World is certainly an Art, and Exciting!


The Holographic Universe, inwhich has the illusion of the five senses and many Emotions & Symbols, which may alter the Quality of Life today and in the future, of good & bad, in a variety of ways which can become a difficult Journey for those that haven't yet found all of their Truth, Silence, and Peace within.  It's a connection to Self, which can Empower your Life!


Have we neglected to focus on the most important element of all? - our Inner Self and Wholeness, and Connect for Truth to all our questions, via our Source.  

How do we Quiet the EGO, and lesson and/or totally Let Go of all the CHATTER in the Mind?

Letting go of the Chatter, and go to our inner garden of SILENCE, connecting to our Source Self -

A place that is full of ALL POSSIBILITIES. 

TEL  -  A  -  VISION (?)


Exactly what runs and rules our lives 24/7 in the subconscious and conscious Mind?   Are there outside influences that are controlling our very thoughts, and lives? The skill of releasing all the 'chatter' that has accumulated since in the Womb, allows us to Connect to All that Is, gaining inner Peace, Love and Healing in our Life.  It allows us temporarily to be out of the Matrix, while in this peaceful awareness, which is also FREEDOM from the controlling entities and technologies that control us - The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum - (electro-magnetic radiation) a silent programming, besides the programming since childhood influences & the education system - including symbolism, frequencies, and Audio messages throughout Life. 


It's time to go to a place in space/time with a new INTENT, and out of space/time whereas the Universe and Innerverse connect 'within' and deliver all the magnificent beauty and possibilities that we all deserve in our life.  Zero Point, and/or where we find silence, is where we Manifest our dreams.


Our innate abilities inwhich we all have and can utilize for Self-healing, Peace and Happiness, may have been slowly depleted since Birth by and through these programmings, including vaccines, GMO Food, toxins, chemicals (such as Fluoride) -  including frequencies/sound that is not even heard by our conscious mind yet picked up by our subconscious and/or unconscious mind without our knowing or authority; including Symbols that have been programmed to reflect an immediate response; along with a world that is driven by FEAR, ANGER and other negative emotions that distract us from Truth and complete Healing.

The Industrial ERA we live in today, such as Fluoride and other Chemicals (Chloramines) put in our water systems, and the run-offs of fertilizers and chemicals used in gardening, lawns, and in agriculture such as Pesticides (Glysophate - GMO food), soil conditioners, etc, that also eventually filter down into our Aquifer (such as when our drinking/bathing water is from a Well), including running off into our beautiful Streams, Lakes, Oceans, and Ponds.  Not to mention, the horrific chemicals, dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc that is put into our Foods and Beverages, including Medical Drugs, Vaccines, Illegal Drugs, and Tobacco, Alcohol all have a large effect upon our Pineal Gland and on our Health, Peace of Mind, and down to the Trillions of Cells that make up our Physical Body(s), and even disrupting our very DNA inwhich all can affect our abilities to live in the Present, become Whole, and Self-Heal. 


There are some simple methodologies that can help us live in a quality, healthy world ~ and these things are discussed on our radio show, and noted on our You Tube Channel, inwhich can assist us to move to the next level of comprehension.


Did you know that magic can be REAL? 

We manifest our Life with every Thought & Vision we have and put energy towards, and this includes what the sub-conscious mind takes in (also subliminally) that we may not even be aware of, and is why Quantum Healing & Awareness is so important.  Even Einstein mentioned that this is an Observer created Reality!  This is why practice in meditation, Intent, quieting the Mind, and releasing the thoughts and images that distract us from the reality we truly want, is highly important, along with eating safe/healthy food, and drinking clean water and living Organically in our Home and Office.   Learn to quiet the mind, listen to Breathing, for at least 15 minutes a day - watch how the wonderful things you wanted to Manifest into this Reality, suddenly start appearing!




Take a Journey with me in a Holographic Visual Imagery experience in a Meditation (VI Meditation) that I've created, teach and practiced over half a lifetime inwhich can change 'Time' as you know it, Empower yourself, along with creating Self-Healing, and Manifesting your most cherished Dreams, Needs, and Desires.


As we gain the Wisdom to change our Perception inside and out, receive answers, and quiet the mind, we are able to go within to find peace & manifest what we need in our lives. We are blessed with all possibilities - we can receive answers, while the All-Knowing assists to let go of all chatter in the mind and the creation of the INTENT comes from all that IS.  Just 'being' in the Present as often as possible, just listening - and with no thoughts during our busy days, assists to deliver us all the possibilities of all we need, and bring an Awareness of our True Self and all our innate abilities, providing a connection to Inner Peace.  


Where you can find Truth, Happiness, Peace, and Purpose.

Meditation Class

May all your Desires and Dreams become your Reality of Today   

 Connecting in

P U R E   E N E R G Y

Health Freedom!


In Light & Energy, Peace & Love


Empyreal International 

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Our Truth and 'Knowing' comes from within, Source (the Divine), and our Future is a result of our current Thoughts, Words and Visions...

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