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*AO Scan Quantum Technology:  Detailed Visual Health status of the Organs, Systems, Tissue of the Body (Vitals, Comprehensive & Voice), including Charkras & Meridians in 20 minutes.  Simple method for measuring the Health of the whole Body System while also Optimizing the Imbalances (Exciting Before & After Reports).  Ask me for a Free first Scan Session and Optimize Systems that are out of balance.

*Tesla BioHealing / MedBed Generator  

FDA registered natural and powerful Life Force Energy to recharge and repair Cellular Health.  Our devices provide an optimal environment for your body to activate rapid and profound self-healing; Over 10,000 people experiencing remarkable health improvements! For Adults, Children & Pets!  The Future of Energy Wellness is NOW!   RECHARGE, TARGETED CELLULAR REPAIR, HEALTH MAINTENANCE AND CONTINOUS CELLULAR SUPPORT!     CLICK here>   MED BED

*Awareness of Food, Product, Water, EMF/RF/WiFi/Dirty Elec/Cell/Tower & Geopathic Stress


*BioMagnetism: Vibrational & Sound Transformation in the Biofield

*VI Meditation:  a Journey in a Holographic Visual Imagery in Self Transformation/Quantum Time-Line Shifts!  Quickly access High Vibrations to encounter fast Transformation!  Take a Mystical and Magical experience with me, Manifesting for Healing & Abundance. Pure Energy Connections is sharing a 28+ year Journey into the Miracles of the Conscious/Subconscious Mind with VI Meditation.  Your continued Thoughts & Visions are your Reality.  Learn to Master your Destiny.











Wellness at your fingertips!

 AO Scan Quantum Technology


2021 Quantum Technology  20+ years in the making, Empowering every aspect of Life with a noninvasive bioresonance technology to detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body including the 7 Major Energy Centers (Chakras) & Meridians.  Disturbances in these frequencies is often a key indicator of distress and disease.   

Ask for your FREE first AO Scan session today and start your Quantum Wellness journey!  Also, learn how to identify simple methods to bring healthier Living Habits, thereby changing the destiny of your Wellness path.

I personally believe that keeping our energy portals clear of trauma and emotional toxins, it allows you to correct any potential health problems – both known and unknown – before they manifest in physical form. 


(Join me in making every Home, and/or Office a Quantum Wellness Center!  Ask me how!)


VI Meditation

We are miraculous beings with abilities beyond our wildest dreams

Pure Energy Connections connects with others that share their Heart Filled Visions, Wisdom, Knowledge and Practices which help expand the ways we can manifest Healing and Peace within our innerverse, inwhich reflects our outside World/Universe.  As a Transformational Life Coach/Creator of VI Meditation, I invite you to my Skype or Zoom on-line classes, Videos (Brighteon), Radio/Network shows, and/or Private session for Life changing Experiences.







VI Meditation                        Founder/Creator/Transformational Coach

Take a Journey with me in a Holographic Visual Imagery experience in my VI Meditation inwhich I've created, practice daily, and coached for over half a lifetime.  This can change 'Time' as you know it, possibly shifting to the next Timed-Line created by your own magical Visions & e-Motions while shifting to another place in time.  Empower yourself to visually make changes in your body and life.  Manifest your most cherished Dreams, Needs, and Desires.

Change your Thoughts, Change your Life.

Quantum Physics to Epigenetics.

We are NOT the victims of our Genes.  The new science of Epigenetics has revealed how Consciousness writes the Genetic activity.  Gaining this Wisdom assists us with the knowledge to maintain a positive thought throughout the day inwhich raises our vibrations to create the cause and effect of a time-line shift to the Beautiful World we are envisioning. 

The Power of the Subconscious Mind. 

Balance and align the Body from the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies - Grounding to Earth, and releasing e-Motional Trauma that is held in your Energy Centers.  Letting Go of all that Is, and all chatter in the mind that has been collected, programmed & stored for a life-time.  Cleanse your Energetic Body/Mind and Raise your Vibrations with very specific visual thoughts in deep Meditation, and balance the Energy Centers that surround us.












Delivering Self Healing within this very advanced, Creative & Powerful Meditation that has been in my life for almost 35 years.  The reasons why VI Meditation is possible, including Placebo's and other Self-Healing practices (and more), is that the Body/Mind (all our trillion of Cells) doesn't necessarily know the difference from a REAL event (our visual & audio Reality) or something you actually are THINKING about & envisioning (our conscious thoughts & visions). 


We achieve this level of Consciousness by and through training and practice;  however, even for the beginner (as I once was) you can immediately start creating Miracles in Your Life!

Do we really only choose the life we want 5% of the time; and possibly 95% of the time the decisions are made by the Sub-Conscious Mind via programming in our Environment?  Hold in your thoughts what you want to ATTRACT into your life, and become excited to hold the thoughts of 'remembering' what you want to see in your future, as if it already happened.  Learn how to take your mind/body OFF auto-pilot, and regain the Wisdom to bring into this Reality of what Serves You.  COMPASSION may be the Ether, Energy, the Matrix Force (Divine) and is what holds the Universe together!  One of the strongest frequencies is of the Heart's Energy Center.  Practice how to go through your day with Heart/Mind activated together!


Consciousness and the Time - Space connection

Within some of these same practices via VI Meditation, I've experienced exciting Miracles in Time and Space, and if you have always wanted to know how Powerful the Conscious Mind is, I look forward to sharing this side of our Reality with you!  Inquire for more information at the Contact Page of this web site and watch for information on this website and it's social media about the VI Meditation eBook soon to come out. 










DISCLOSURE:  The statements, services, products and devices shown or mentioned on this Web Site have not been approved by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness

or disease and are not to serve as medical advice and is for Entertainment purposes only Those seeking treatment for a specific disease, pain or illness, should consult a qualified integrative physician


LOCAL & long distance energy WORK ALSO for our loving dogs, cats & horses - Click here  > 








Pure Energy Connections

An Awaking of our Innate abilities "the Physician within"

A Journey and Art of the Beginning ~

Creating a Happier, Healthier Life!


Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change... Wayne Dyer

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"



PURE ENERGY CONNECTIONS is about bringing Awareness to the things that lower our Vibrations and do Not Serve us; while gaining more and more Wisdom via our Life's Journey on connecting within, and also protect against the things we once thought we had no control over!

TRUTH AWAKENING VIDEO for those with ears to hear!


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If a Culture is programmed by misperception, misrepresentation, we become disempowered!  Take back your Power!  Turn off the hypnotizing Tel-a-VISION -

Meditate, gain silence and Peace within.

TEL  -  A  -  VISION (?)


Do you want to create the World you live in, or let someone else influence it?

Many continue to spend the day in Noise & useless Chatter of a constant lower frequency by and through Tel - A - Vision running in the background or in front of us and unknowingly Hypnotizing us to Project a Reality that may not be of the one we Want!  Today we are gaining the Wisdom on how to connect and ground, and while FEAR is in the news, and devastation is shown to us in HOLLYwood movies, we can obtain the knowledge of our Environment while also releasing it and staying in a clean, higher vibration.  This Fear driven news and holly-wood certainly can easily deliver an unknown & unhealthy MESSAGE into our cells, and stress hormones.  The opposite?  Is being in LOVE, raising the Heart Energy Center, which in turn raises our Immune system!  Which would you rather have?

Exactly what runs and rules our lives 24/7 in the subconscious and conscious Mind?  How much of our thoughts and VISIONS are controlling the outcome of our days?  Are there outside influences that are controlling our very thoughts, and lives?  YES.  The skill of releasing all the 'chatter' that has accumulated since in the Womb, allows us to Connect to All that Is, gaining inner Peace, Love and Healing in our Life.  This FREEDOM from chatter in our Head sometimes is called ZERO POINT or the VACUUM where "All Things are Possible", and in part of VI Meditation this allows us to use INTENT, and temporarily to be out of the Matrix, while in this peaceful conscious awareness, which is also FREEDOM from the controlling entities and technologies that 'can' create our very Reality.  IF you let it.


The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum - (electro-magnetic radiation) is a silent, slow devastation to all Life at a cellular level (all life has been created with a variety of vibrations that should not be disturbed and put off balance).  Add in the Hypnotizing of Tel a Vision, and the programming since childhood influences & the controlled education system - including symbolism, frequencies, and unknown Audio messages throughout Life, and, what are we left with at an older age?  A variety of unbalanced blocked/stagnant energies that are constant and hold us back from Healing, Love, Happiness and Prosperity.  Today we need to learn how to THINK for ourselves, and remove ourselves from the Matrix of Fear and lower Vibrations.









The Industrial ERA we live in today, 2020,

has changed our Planet from the more organic nature it used to be over a century ago.  Today we have more carcinogens in our Food, Products and Water (Streams, Oceans, Rivers) such as added Fluoride and other Chemicals (Chloramines) put in our drinking water systems, and the run-offs of fertilizers and chemicals used in gardening, lawns, and in agriculture such as Pesticides & Herbicides (Glysophate - known possible Carcinogen to cause CANCER, all of which eventually filter down into our Aquifer (such as when our drinking/bathing water is from a Well), including running off into our beautiful Streams, Lakes, Oceans, and Ponds. Not to mention, the horrific chemicals, dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc that is put into our Foods and Beverages, including Medical Drugs, Vaccines, Illegal Drugs, and Tobacco & Alcohol all of which have a large effect upon our Pineal Gland and down to the Trillions of Cells that make up our Physical Body.  ADD to this all the many Man-Made disrupting Frequencies, such as 5G, hundreds of satellites aiming down at us & Towers, cellular phones, Geopathic Stress, Radio Frequencies (Smart devices), and Dirty Electricity (in our walls).... and we are at an ERA that is a constant battle to stay in Balance with Mind/Body, Healing and a Quality of Life without drugs and surgery.

Let's Get BACK to Basics, back to a time prior to the influence of removing the things that allowed us to self sufficient, and sustainable!


Where you can find Truth, Happiness, Peace, and Purpose. And, Miracles happen!

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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

― Nikola Tesla

Ms. Dj    9-17-97 - Present


May all your Desires and Dreams become your Reality of Today   

 Connecting in

P U R E   E N E R G Y

Health Freedom!


In Light & Energy, Peace & Love


Empyreal International 

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Our Truth and 'Knowing' comes from within, Source (the Divine), and our Future is a result of our current Thoughts, Words and Visions...

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