First and most important,

Breathe correctly with stomach breathing;

Second, Hydrate with the correct Water!

No matter how much water a person drinks, without energetic structures, you will be always dehydrated and a real active life is hardly possible.  Reverse Osmosis water filtration is NOT the answer, and actually, the culprit!  Drinking Water Energizers come in Portable, and/or Full House Systems (install in minutes). They restore to the water a desirable and necessary energetic structure known as Hexagonal or cluster structure. There are many reports that this water unit not only improves the water quality and causes a descaling of the entire water piping of your home or office.  Only highly energized water causes in the cells a clean “combustion” of the fuel, resulting in less waste and easier cleansing of such waste is generated.

Help your body Heal at a cellular level - HYDRATE NOW!




















It is very possible that you may 'also' be Electro-Magnetically sensitive

while we're all facing constant WiFi, RF and EMF disturbances, along with Dirty Electricity and slowly being bombarded further by 3G, and now 4 and 5G.  Learn the dangers, and how to protect and use preventive measures.



Everything is










When it's something that you cannot see, hear, taste or feel, it's difficult to realize and comprehend that we may be bombarded by Radio frequencies, Microwave, etc, inwhich is disrupting the Body and the Mind all the way down to a Cellular Level.

If you use a cellular phone, and especially if you sleep in the same room where the cellular phone charges then turn OFF your phone or at a minimum turn the phone to AIRPLANE mode, and/or better yet, shut it off completely and take out the battery (if you can) and put it in another room!

If you have the ability to, shut down your Main power in your house - do not open your refrigerator during this time as it will stay cold during 7-8 hours of sleep, or, find the breaker(s) that do not effect the heat/AC or Refrigerator and shut all the others all down.  If you have WiFi on 24/7 in your home, forget convenience over Health, and hard-wire your main computer into the Modem, and if you still have a ROUTER, get into the router from your computer/browser and shut off the WiFi, and you can also unplug the Router when you're done with the computer.  Better yet, replace the router for a Modem, never live in WiFi.   Hard wire your TV, also.  There is NO reason to live in this disturbance. 

If you have trouble sleeping, fatigue, or worst, this is one of the FIRST steps to take in Preventive Health measures.

Also, pull your bed away from the Wall(s) and best is to put it in the middle of your room, or in the least, turn your head around and sleep with your FEET against the wall, Not your Head.  Dirty electricity is more dangerous than anything, as the wiring in our homes just happens to run along approximately the same height as our bed and body/head.  When sleeping against this 6-8 hours a night, it's very possible that you're not getting the deep REM sleep needed in order for the trillion of cells in the body to rebuild, and heal.  This alone disturbs sleep habits, and certainly may be very detrimental towards our Wellness.   Next, rid the BOX spring and metal frame to stop any radio frequency length while you're sleeping!  Get all Wood frames, or put the bed on the floor.  EPA demands manufacturers to put Pesticides in the mattresses - so, Better yet, purchase a nice airbed that has no metals, no foams, and no pesticide chemicals in it.

Delivering Harmony and Balance Back into your Life, and your Home

If you are one that sits at a computer a lot, and/or on a cellular phone (or keep it on your body, yikes) then you may be interested in a what to divert the dangerous levels of microwave radiation with something very simple inwhich we're using today and developing for sale.  

Inquire here, and we'll keep you up to date on the Production of this.


 Taking another step towards the environment in your Home & Office, and delivering a calming Energy that helps neutralize the damaging effects of these EMF's/RF's and Dirty Electricity, along with balancing out a home or office of it's dangerous Geopathic Stress rising from the Earth, visit the Pure Energy Products web page below for more information and Product Description.

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