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And, some easy Health Remedies for the Home!


Hydrate with the correct Water!

Our body is mostly WATER.  We can go without food for much longer than we could ever go without water.   And, no matter how much water one drinks, without energetic structures, you may always be dehydrated,  and a real active & quality life is hardly possible.  Reverse Osmosis water filtration is NOT the answer, and actually, the culprit!  Restore to the water a desirable and necessary energetic structure known as Hexagonal or cluster structure. 

Help your body Heal at a cellular level - HYDRATE NOW!

It's been shown that most contaminants (and possibly also Fluoride) are also, removed by a Water Distiller.  However, then there may be no natural water structure, and you MUST add Trace Minerals and Electrolytes back into your water!



















It is very possible that you may 'also' be Electro-Magnetically sensitive

while we're all facing constant WiFi from our Homes/Offices/Public areas; we also suffer from the spill-over of WiFi from our close Neighbors, along with the negative affects of RF and EMF disturbances, Dirty Electricity, Microwave Cellular Phones & Towers, and slowly being bombarded further by 3G, and now 4 and 5G.  Learn the dangers, and how to protect and use preventive measures as we are Light Beings with specific frequencies throughout our body that need to stay in balance for optimum Health.

There is Proven Technology that Harmonizes these man-made Frequencies.  Unfortunately nothing can protect us 100% and is why we need to eat a Green Diet, drink plenty of clean structured water, and raise our Vibrations.   Detoxing also, is one of the best ways to keep our system a clean running machine so our Immune System can do what it does best  -   Rebuild, Restore, & Resist outside influences.



Everything is











“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration".    Credits to:  Nikola Tesla

When it's something that you cannot see, hear, taste or touch, it's difficult to realize and comprehend that we may be bombarded by Radio frequencies, Microwave, etc, inwhich is disrupting the Body and the Mind all the way down to a Cellular Level.  It's known that our body is "Electric" and each Organ vibrates at a different frequency, including every cell of our body, and even the pathogens and parasites that live in us.

If you use a cellular phone, great advise from alleged experts is to keep the phone at least 3" or more from the body (3' in my opinion, or more).   So How would you HOLD the phone then?   You can get one of those SELFIE sticks, and put the phone on it when you are talking, or, place the phone down while talking on it.  And, DO NOT keep the phone anywhere near your body, food, drink or animals.


Anything near or attached to your Body is picking up a constant signal from a local TOWER, a constant microwave type of frequency to the body/head.


Especially bad if you sleep in the same room where the cellular phone is located and or charges.  Turn it completely OFF!  Or put it in another room where you can still hear it if it rings, or need to hear the ALARM.   If you need an alarm to get up, buy a $5 alarm from the Dollar General Store that takes a battery or winds up!  Worth it for your Health and Well Being, as when you 'sleep' this deep REM sleep is the time your body is able to regenerate and build new cells!

If you have the ability to, shut down your Main power in your house - do not open your refrigerator during this time; it will stay cold during 7-8 hours of sleep, or, find the breaker(s) that do not effect the heat/AC or Refrigerator and shut all the others all down.  If you have WiFi on 24/7 in your home (we call Wi-Fried), forget convenience over Health, and hard-wire your main computer/lap top into the Modem (not router) with an Ethernet cord (like the old days).  If you still have a ROUTER, get into the router from your computer/browser and shut off the WiFi and you can enable it when absolutely necessary.  Usually it's just by putting your Router number into the Http of your browser and type in ADMIN and for the password call your provider, or try using the word, PASSWORD.  You can also unplug the Router when you're done with the computer, especially before resting, meditations and/or sleep.  Better yet, replace the router for a Modem.   No reason to live in WiFi  - get better sleep, and better Health!   Hard-Wire everything. 

There is NO reason to live in this disturbance, while 'wanting' CON-venience.   

Note to SELF:   Anything that is called "SMART" is not smart for our Health!


If you have trouble sleeping, fatigue, or worst, this is one of the FIRST steps to take in Preventive Health measures.

Dirty Electricity is in the walls of your home and usually around 3' from the floor it runs, and this is right were you sit and is where your Head is all night during sleep.


Pull your desk (chair) and/or bed away from the Wall(s) approximately 3-5' and best is to put your bed in the middle of your room (like they do in the East!), or in the least, turn around in your bed and sleep with your FEET against the wall, Not your Head against the wall


When sleeping against direct dirty electricity in the walls 6-8 hours a night, it's very possible that you're not getting the deep REM sleep needed in order for the trillion of cells in the body to rebuild, and rebuild (heal).  This alone disturbs sleep habits, and certainly may be very detrimental towards our Wellness.   Next, rid the BOX spring and metal frame to stop any radio frequency damage during sleep stemming from the length of the metals in the bed frame (like antennas) under your bed.  Purchase or build all Wood frames, or put the "mattress" only on the floor.  EPA demands manufacturers to put Pesticides in the mattresses - so, Better yet, purchase a nice pleated airbed that has no metals, no foams, and no pesticide chemicals in it.

Delivering Harmony and Balance Back into your Life, and your Home

If you are one that spends your living days on a cellular phone, there is a device that has been scientifically proven when attached to the back of your Cell Phone (or put into the Case) that Harmonizes the dangerous frequencies/microwaves, and also protects anyone that you 'call'!   Visit the link below to review this product.

PLEASE keep CELLULAR phones away from children, as their bones and body are still DEVELOPING!!!!  Including, keep children (and everyone) away from Routers, and plug-ins, circuits, laptops, computers, i-pads, and heavy EMF appliances as they are all emitting dangerous EMF's.

 With all the disturbing frequencies/Microwave signals bombarding our Body/Mind (SMART Technology), it's time to HARMONIZE these frequencies.




Harmonize the damaging effects of these EMF's/RF's, 5g, TOWERS, Cellular Phones, and Dirty Electricity, along with balancing out a home or office of it's dangerous Geopathic Stress lines!   

(I have deleted a company's products I used to help sell because of what I experienced with Norbert was a total lack of integrity and felt that this can easily reflect on the effectiveness of his products.   I'm always seeking the best products to help us stay protected from the environment and will only offer these products.)

Click the design below to learn MORE and get Harmonized!

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