As far back as I can remember in childhood, I always knew that there must be much more to this Reality, and Truth was hidden from our Perception and Lives....  this I wanted to know about, more than anything, as I felt I was missing something; and, therefore, I was never impressed easily, except when I started crossing paths with the Guru's and Mentors in my life that brought me to higher levels of Consciousness and Awareness, and while personally seeing miracles in my life, my Truth manifested, and I continue today to learn more, and help others experience self-healing, food & product awareness, and how we really exist in this Illusion of a Reality.


I was around five years young when I told my family that we were electric and the veins in our arms were electrical cords and the battery was the heart!  Even in Elementary School's History class I knew we were missing a very large and important part of History, Science and Language, and at a very young age I knew that I needed to search for the Truth in all that is, and that became my personal Mission. 


Luckily my father expanded my mind at a very young age by pointing out things that most people would never think of in their entire life, that was of Universal thoughts and theories that I believe turned me into a Free Thinker, Independent, and Truth Seeker.  


One thing I knew for sure as I hit my early 20's is that if I visualized it while in a clear state of consciousness (without chatter in the mind), it became just what I had envisioned and focused on. I used that visualization technique for the first time when I first started weight-training at around the age of 23-24 years of age.  While working out a specific body part, I was visualizing the muscle exactly the way I wanted it to look and be.  I excelled in my weight training faster probably than most, just by utilizing that technique in the Mind/Consciousness.  It was intuitive how I discovered these techniques as there wasn't any Internet and I didn't get to a Library in those days; however, it assisted me in seeking further of how I may exist and grow the Mind and Consciousness in my future for all good things, and that brought me to my VI Meditations for healing any part of my body. 


My father always said, Mind is Matter.  However, he was a character, and always joked and said, "I don't mind, and you don't matter".  LOL.  My father had a great personality, and was always smiling and totally a free spirit, no matter the horrific events he experienced in WWII as a Marine in the Islands for over 3-4 yrs in Combat (and a Purple Heart); and to this day I wish I had gotten to know him even better before he left us in this dimension.  I only pray that he can see how I've expanded and grew from his efforts and knowledge, and how I'm using this to also, help others.


Before Internet, I started spending many hours a week at a large book store at 30+ yrs of age that had opened in my neighborhood and I was entranced with Self Help books and intuitively found the Self Hypnosis book almost immediately.  Soon afterwards, I took courses in Meditation(s), activating Chakras, and Metaphysics as I was seeking more and more knowledge of how I exist, and how I can expand into something further.  I knew I had innate abilities that were suppressed from Public School education, Media, Tel-A-Vision, and much more, and I so desperately wanted to achieve them, and share with the World.


I found very quickly that combining a few meditational techniques I practiced along with a made-up visualization practice of turning back time (possible time-travel), and other visual constructs for healing and changing something within my own body, that I had mastered something quite easily and it worked every time, within five days I would see the results at 100 percent. I even amazed a doctor and my family, including close friends that within only five days I could make a miracle happen, such as making a large and very painful tumor on my wrist disappear while utilizing a Meditation that I created inwhich today I call VI Meditation.  It was then that I 'knew' that the Mind and Consciousness is capable of possibly doing anything.  My true Journey had begun.


I became a Life Coach in many areas of Self Healing and Preventive Health, including this technique that I enveloped into my Life, of VI Meditation. I gave my time and information away freely to anyone that was willing to learn and practice, however, becoming discouraged, I found limited numbers of people willing to learn and dedicate time in Meditation and or in an Organic Diet, and living Chemical Free, in order to obtain Quality Life, and life a long life without Drugs/Surgery and Pain/Suffering.  In my opinion, knowing a Healing technique (or many) is utmost important today, especially in these times of chaos, fear, trauma, and heavy toxicity in the World.


My 'innerverse' of knowing was that Balance and Harmony in our lives was needed to obtain a Quality of life - Mentally, Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally.  


In the year 2000 began my research into the deeps Truths about Food & Water, Household products, Chemicals, and Vaccines, EMF's/RF's/Dirty Electricity, and more.  I furthered my studies in Nutrition, Herbalogy, Diet, Growing Food & Sprouting Organically, Tapping Acupuncture Points to relieve Trauma, Kinesiology, Quantum Theories, Iridology, Energy - Frequencies, Geometrics, QE, Matrix Energetics, Water Source and it's Memory/Minerals; and anything else that deserved Awareness of how we can be Self Reliant and grow Consciously.


I found that diversity is important when educating and re-educating one self, and since around 2006 I self-taught myself Web Design and created my first of many web sites and social media accounts to help deliver Awareness of the Food and Beverage industry, and products that are taking away the quality of life we deserve.


Water in my opinion is our Greatest Commodity, and all my research exposed no truthful disclosures of the toxic environment we all live in, and how it destroys our planet, and all living things.  Today this first web site I designed is still at and though is now being compiled into a book I soon hope to have published, called Health Awareness which will have a majority of resources that most people are unaware of, yet are simple changes to make in life for Healing, and living a Quality life.  


A couple years later I created what I call my Pure Energy Connections web site to Connect the World for Self Healing, Self Empowerment - to help spread the awareness of self-healing, and Preventive Health & Wellness and it is this web site I always prayed would be the seed to help bring a positive awareness for our Journeys delivering Healing and Peace.  


My latest web site was developed around 2014 and is another passion of mine in being Eco-Friendly and Eco-Conscious, and this site is at inwhich has a lot of information on building green homes, and utilizing off and on the grid technologies, along with composting, recycling - and, farming and growing organic food at Eco-Villages (Feeding the World), in Communities around the world.  This is a Crowd-Funding project - a passion of mine, and includes an off-shoot called:  CONVERT LAWNS TO FOOD - a group that I started, to help feed the World, by planting food, instead of just attractive plants and grass in our neighborhoods. 

Today, I believe that Mastering & Quieting the Mind within the Matrix and/or the Hologram we reside in is most important, and as when we learn to meditate and let go all chatter in the Mind, and Self-Heal and grow our own organic food, and helping others obtain a Quality Life, is only then when I believe we can fully move forward in our Awakening and a Higher Vibrational experience.

















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